Mercedes Benz And Others Will Learn From Tesla’s Mistake

How Tesla Driver Misused The Autopilot System And How Mercedes Is Preventing That


Following the first reported death of 45-year-old Joshua Brown, a tech enthusiast in his Tesla Model S crash while the autopilot was active, a lot of concerns have been raised about the safety of the self driving car. The fatal crash happened on 7th May at 3.40 p cialis canada.m, in Williston, Florida, U.S. In the crash, a tractor-trailer, turned left across the path of Brown’s Tesla. Investigations indicate that the car did not slow before hitting the trailer. The Tesla continued right under the trailer at a speed of 65 miles an hour before it ran off the road and struck a utility pole that brought it to a stop. The roof of the car was torn off in the impact.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is carrying out an official investigation on the fatal crash but Tesla continues to defend the car’s autopilot system as safe when properly used.


Tesla’s autopilot system has been under severe investigation since the death of the Tesla Driver happened. The system works as a blind driving assistant. Autopilot uses sensors and a radar system to react to any risks on the road. On the Florida crash, the autopilot is reported to have been controlling the vehicle. Tesla also admits that the automatic breaking system was not used and Mr. Brown didn’t apply the brakes before his car crashed on the trailer at a high speed.


In a press release, Tesla agents say that neither the autopilot nor the driver noticed the white side of the tractor-trailer against a brightly lit sky, so the brake was not applied.


Despite the continued criticism, Tesla Motors defends itself by stating that the autopilot was not designed to completely replace the driver but was designed to support the driving process and it can only be activated by the user.


While the federal agency continues with its serious investigation on whether the autopilot system failed its function in the Florida crash, Tesla officials say that their car technology is safe and that they are not planning to disable the feature already installed in about 70,000 Tesla cars. Instead, Tesla points out that drivers may be responsible for wrongful use of the autopilot and its misuse could risk their lives.


Unnamed executive from Tesla said that though the speed controls and autopilot’s self steering could operate for up to 3 minutes without any driver’s involvement, drivers need to beware of road conditions and be able to take control of the car at a moments notice. The executive continued to say that with any driver assistance system, a lack of customer education is a very real risk.


While speaking in Wall Street Journal Interview, Tesla’s chief executive Elon Musk said that the company planned a blog post to educate Tesla owners on the safe use of the system. He was also concerned that a lot of people don’t understand what it is and how to turn it on.


While Tesla has been much criticized, many luxury car companies like Mercedes-Benz have integrated systems that combine a number of functions like automatic braking, lane-keeping and cruise control to improve on safety while driving. Mercedes is looking at being able to retrofit some of their lineup with “smart parts” that can enable auto pilot style driving.

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