How to choose a cheap immigration agent to Canada

If you are looking to get entry into Canada then you know that you can seek the services of an immigration agent. The agent will be tasked with the duties of helping you get a visa to the country in the quickest way possible. The agency takes all your documents and engages the immigration department on your behalf for a fee. Some agents can be expensive while others are affordable and reliable. Using an agent is one of the cost effective ways to enter Canada and hence you need to get the most affordable of them all. Here is how you can do that.

Compare different agencies – do not just take one agency and run with it. it is important that you compare all the different agencies available. The comparison should be based on the services that the agency offers for you, they claims they make, and the charges that will be expected of you. The best company to engage would be the one with the best services at the least prices. Do not only use the charges as the primary comparison factor for the agencies. The agencies have their services advertised online and hence reaching them is easy.

Seek for referrals – a credible agency will be able to give you referrals of people that they have assisted to get to Canada and show you that they are really there and doing well. Besides that you can seek for referrals on your own from people that are already in Canada. With the internet it is now easy to get people online who can help you out, or It could be your own family members or friends already in Canada. Ensure that you get concrete referrals that are verifiable. You do not want to get yourself engaged with a company that will charge you and not deliver anything.



Ask all the right questions – be prepared with everything that you would like to know about the agency and their processes. Some agencies can be deceiving therefore asking the right questions is important so that you can be able to make a good judgment of the company. Ask how long the process takes, ask how much you should be expected to pay for the whole process, ask what the agency does for you, ask what is required for the process to commence, ask what expectations you should have with your kind of profile and so on.

Check out their online presence – a good company will have an online presence that shows it. Check out if they have a physical address they are attached to and seek to know if it is a real one. Check on the customer service that they have and how well they respond to your calls or emails. A reputable company will have all the best services for their clients for their clients who want to get tourist visa program.

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